Submit a Design

Submit a Design

Put your state on the map.


Our goal is to build a community of designers who create awesome apparel representing where they are from with pride.

Curation & the Congress

Quality over Quantity. We want to create a marketplace where customers can find good designs + quality printing + soft and comfy shirts for their state.

This means we won’t be accepting every design.

Never fear though, this is where the Congress steps in. This is a panel of top designers from across the U.S. who will be reviewing each design. If a design is not approved, they will provide feedback to help make it better so you can turn that frown upside down.

We also want to avoid offensive material, but would love to see things like representing landmarks, cities, and state puns in addition to things that are unique to your state.


We have worked hard on details around compensation. A lot is dependent on the logistics of production, expense of marketing and the complexity of the design submitted (number of colors, print locations, etc.)

Revenue from the first 5 shirts sold covers our productions costs, then designers make $6 per shirt sold during the 4-week pre-order window. However, at least 12 shirts need to be pre-ordered in order to produce and ship the shirt. Here’s a handy diagram that helps explain the process.


We carefully select from the best quality shirts that are soft, comfortable, and durable using screenprinted water-based inks. Each shirt is branded with a 50 States hem tag and a printed label inside.

Tell us a bit about you

For now we just need the basics like who you are and we can get a hold of you.

Tell us about your design

Mock-up your design using our template to show us what you are thinking.

We prefer to use vector files, but we can also use 600dpi raster images sized at 11” wide by 14” tall.

Upload your mock-up (png, jpg) and your design file (max upload size: 150mb)

File formats accepted: AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, JPG, or TIFF

If you create a raster image, please make sure it is a layered file and all your colors are easily separable on separate layers, or in separate groups.

Printing is limited to the front of the shirt and for simplicity we are keeping it to 2 colors (including black and white.)

What do you wear?

Please provide your sizing and shipping info so we can ship one of your creations to you if your design goes to print.

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